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Ye Yang

Ye Yang started her design journey in 2011 as a graphic designer. She was deeply intrigued by the mysterious power of "making" in Design. From 2015-2018, she developed a dual-master degree interdisciplinary project conducted in both China and Britain titled Decoding & Encoding Moiré Patterns. Under the making-driven approach, she broke the fixed definitions named by Physics and opened infinite potentials within Moiré patterns. She successfully authored a book containing 12 hidden rules and presented 3600 variable visual Moiré forms. She also translated Moiré into more than 10 possible applications for daily life. Through this journey, Ye discovered that contrary to a thinking-driven approach from "X" to "1," her experience involved a mysterious inquiry process from "1" to "X."


Since 2020, Ye has embarked on her PhD career to uncover the enigmatic “making” power. She has been dedicated to delving into philosophically obscure and highly abstract theories around “making.” After 8-year shuttling back and forth between the foundational layers of philosophy and the elevated realm of phenomena, Ye ultimately comprehended the methodology to bridge the subterranean ontoepistemology of “making” with the pioneering practices, namely, Dialectics. It is a crucial research strategy to unveil the world-in-becoming, envision the unseen possibilities, and make differences in our sustainable future.

Looking back on her eight-year journey of practice and research, she suddenly realized that two distinct paths ultimately lead to the same destination. Ye has undergone a transformation, evolving from a practitioner into someone who seamlessly integrates both practice and research. 


For Ye, her master's project is like a tree branch without roots. Now, she is elated and surprised to have successfully established the root needed for the branch to thrive. Her Ph.D. research outcomes will play as the crucial seed for her to continuously grow, bloom, and fruit in the future. She is looking forward to translating this powerful paradigm into various methods and toolkits to apply to multiple fields.


Visiting Ph.D. Candidate – Politecnico di Milano, Department of Design, Italy

Ph.D. Candidate – Tongji University, College of Design and Innovation, China


Prof. Hongtao Zhou
Prof. Valentina Rognoli


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