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Materials Design for Transition Group

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MaDe/Trans is a cross-country research group that focuses on investigating materials from a designer's view, developing research, applied projects, and knowledge transfer activities to support and promote the sustainable and circular development of alternative and emerging materials for the transition towards sustainability. The research group is committed to opening up new territories for material and product design and disseminating research findings through scientific publications, exhibitions, design competitions, etc.

The following are research directions on which the group possesses a strong expertise:

  • Materials for the Ecological Transition

  • DIY-Materials for Social Innovation and Sustainability

  • Bio-based and Biofabricated Materials 

  • Materials from Waste and Food Waste

  • Materials for Interactions and IoT (ICS Materials)

  • Speculative Materials

  • Tinkering with Materials

  • CMF Design

  • Emerging Materials Experiences

  • Material Education in the Field of Product Design

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Mission statement

Raise awareness and sensitise professionals and future designers that materials represent an essential contribution to the ecological transition thanks to their infinite and promising potentialities.

Valentina Rognoli

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